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Supermed Family of Pharmacies

Hughenden Pharmacy (Molynes Rd) 111A Molynes Rd. Kgn 20

Constant Spring (Supermed Pharmacy Mall Plaza) Shop 19 & 20. Mall Plaza. Constant Spring Rd

New Kingston (The New Knutsford Pharmacy) Shop 2, 28 Barbados Ave. Kgn 5

Linstead (Supermed Pharmacy) Linstead

The New Papine Pharmacy 5 Chandos Place. Papine. Kgn 6.


Bargain Centre / King Street 18-20 King Street, Kingston

Cross Roads / Slipe Rd  79 - 81a Slipe Road, Kingston 5

Constant Spring  29 Constant Spring Road Kingston 10

King Street 68 1/2 King Street. Kingston

Linstead54 King Street, Linstead St Catherine

Old Harbour Shop #2  27 East Street, Old Harbour St Catherine

Portmore Lot 15 Portmore, Town Centre, Bridgeport

Spanish Town 43 Young Street, Spanish Town St Catherine

Spanish Town / Oasis Plaza Oasis Plaza  - March Pen Road St Catherine

Washington Boulevard 45 Elma  Crescent,   Kingston  20

Lucky Dollar

Luke Lane / West Parade Kingston  25 West Parade and 36 Luke Lane, Kingston.

Half Way TreeShop 9, Lot 17a Central Plaza, Kingston 10, ST. Andrew.


Half Way Tree

Eastwood Park Rd.

Naggo Head Portmore

Independence City / St. Catherine

Spanish Town (Bridgehouse)

Spanish Town Road

Manor Park

Deanery Rd.



Alecia Miller  829-8652   Cherry District. Kitson Town. St. Catherine

Andrew Daviskry 427-1933 / 334-4883  Vinyard Town, Foot of Mountain view (Norman Garden to downtown) Grreenwich farm to New Port West. Hagley Park to 3 mile to HWT. Swallowfield, Knutsford boulevard

Barbara Cooper   789-2052   Montgomery. Kingston

Brian Moore   362-2248    Constant Spring / HWT / Hagley Pk.

Canute Carr  453-8877 / 342-6095   Molynes Rd. Above Rocks, Red Hills, 3 Miles, Ferry

David Johnson    585-2549   Old Harbour / Longville Park, Clarendon

Demar Frazer (Centric Electronics) (Linstead)  536-6852  Bog Walk, Spanish Town, Linstead, Ewarton

Douglas Najir   dnajir99@yahoo.com389-0005 / 818-9909Down Town, HWT

Dullord Thompson   dullordthompson@gmail.com376-8387Princeville, Constant Spring

Dwight Richardson (168 Merchants)  579-9714   Half Way Tree, Down Town, Portmore, Spanish Town

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