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Terms & Conditions



ReadyUP is a promotion available to new and existing readytv customers. All active set-top-boxes on the readytv network during the promotion period are eligible. A set-top-box can be activated on the network by either:


i) Paying the Keep Alive Fee (KAF). This is a service charge that keeps the box active on the readytv network for 30 days. Once a set-top-box is active, customers are able to purchase readytv channel packages. The current KAF is $500.00 readycredit


ii) Becoming a "readyCHAMPION" by spending a minimum of $1,500.00 on channel packages during the period a set-top-box is active.


See below for further details.


How the Promotion works:

To enjoy the ReadyUP promotion, customers must first purchase and register or already own a readytv set-top-box and be active on the network. To activate a set-top-box on the network:


1) Purchase $500 readycredit then pay the Keep Alive Fee (KAF) by texting *UserID*523#1 to FLOW: (876) 822-4788 or DIGICEL: (876) 596-6788


2) Become a ReadyCHAMPION by spending a minimum of $1,500 on channel packages while the set-top-box is active. For example, if during an active 30 day period a customer buys the following packages on different days:


readyKIDS (30-Day)   -     $500

HBO Lite    (30-Day)   -     $800

FlowSports (  1-Day)   -     $100

readySET   (  1-Day)   -     $150

Total Spend               =    $1,550


The KAF is waived, and the set-top-box will automatically be re-activated for the NEXT 30 days.


Free Installation:

As a part of the ReadyUP promotion, readytv, upon request, will provide a Free standard installation that utilizes the items provided in the readyTV Starter Pack.  If customers require additional materials (i.e., antennas, cabling, etc.), customers will be invoiced for any supplementary work completed.


The promotion will expire at midnight on January 31, 2020, or as otherwise notified.


Free Channels:

Active set-top-boxes during the promotion will not be required to purchase the following channels separately:


The RUSH Channel

The Networks Package

Lifetime Movie Networks

Africa Channel 


Readytv reserves the right to end the promotion at any time without notice.


Offer available while stocks last.

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